Cafe Menu

Locally Roasted Coffee

We get our coffee from the kind folks at 2% Jazz, right around the corner from the shop. Its always fresh and really delicious - we're proud to serve it and stoked to drink it! It goes great with cinnamon buns - and basically anything else, but don't take our word for it, come by and give it a try.

Drinks and Snacks

We're not Starbucks, nor do we want to be! That being said, we'll whip you up something great if your just looking to come hang out. We offer locally roasted drip coffee, tea, mocha, matcha, and a selection of delicious cold beverages for the warm days. We'll always have a baked item fresh daily!

The Artavi Cafe

We're a small cafe, with the primary function of a skateboard shop! That being said, we love food and coffee. We'll take pride in what we serve just like any other good coffee shop in Victoria. We'll open the patio on hot days, so you can sit outside with your drink.

artavi coffee menu