artavi skateboard shop, victoria, bc

Living, Breathing Skateboarding

Artavi exists for the continued support and progression of skateboarding. Our commitment to developing and stocking high quality, made in Canada products was made for the sake of the rider, both new and seasoned. We wanted to make sure that you are shredding the best skateboard possible for whatever your intended use, and rocking gear that makes you feel good while doing it. We continue to support small scale - locally owned brands, that support local skateboarders and artists, as well as top brands that are still today owned and operated by skateboarders.

In June of 2013, marking the beginning of summer, Artavi was formed and production began. By that fall, the first round of decks, sweaters and shirts were brought to life. Local shops began to stock the lineup and friends were stoked to help out. This began the works for our Western Canada Tour - “Ride the Wild”  in the summer of 2014.

During that summer, we sponsored the Tofino Bowl Jam, threw a party at the SBC Restaurant (The sickest indoor halfpipe in Vancouver), and held various BBQ’s and games of skate throughout BC and Alberta. In between these events, we had the amazing opportunity to vend at some of the biggest music festivals in BC including Pemberton Music Festival, Centre of Gravity, Boonstock, and Shambhala. It was upon the return from this adventure when the Artavi Skateboard Collective was formed in Victoria.

Now, after our first year of being open, we are so grateful for all of the support we have received from both the skateboard and art communities. We intend to continue on with the Made in Canada route on everything Artavi, all while bringing you top brands that are still run by some of the raddest skateboarders in the industry.

As of late 2015, we print all of our skateboards and apparel in house. This allows us to do short runs of unique artwork and ever evolving style.

About the Owner

In 2013, Zac Fair was living in Courtenay, Vancouver Island, working at Mount Washington resort. As a lifelong skateboarder and snowboarder, he has always been intertwined in both worlds soaking in the vibrant culture of fun, pushing the limits, and experiencing the freedom riding a board can give you. It was during a season at Mt. Washington that Artavi was born, drawing inspiration from so many amazing people taking their skills and using them to bring positivity to the world.

Since a young age, Zac has had the pleasure of taking photographs of both skateboarding, snowboarding, and the amazing landscapes throughout the world that fall in front of his lens. Vancouver Islands varied and mesmerizing landscapes, from the West Coast and North Island, to the Mountain tops and the concrete playground in Victoria have become the canvas for the art of exploration and search that makes photography so captivating. These experiences have translated into many photographic inspired graphics - the work which embodies Artavi.

Artavi Products

All of our shirts and boards are Made in Canada.Comfort, style, and performance are what you can expect from your Artavi clothing.

Not all skateboards are created equal. Modern shapes pressed with 7 plys of hard rock maple from the great lakes region is the Artavi standard. This means quicker, snappier, higher pop, responsiveness and durability from your skate.

>The suffix 'avi' has underlying significance to what Artavi skateboards is. It roughly translates to "Art Taking Flight" which means that we provide a framework for creative individuals to prosper, benifiting customers, artists and the world around us. Our skateboards feature original art, pressed in Canada, with hard rock maple, Our clothing utilizes ethical, responsive materials and workmanship, to make sure your gear not only lasts while cruising the streets, but feeds you the positive vibes you need to take on all obstacles in life. Sweatshop. Free. Period.

By means of enterprise, we strive to acheive earth bound goals, shaping the way for a positive future. A portion of proceeds from all sales goes to non profits for the development of youth in skateboarding, and to help build skateparks in our communities.